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Dermatology (EN)

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This comprehensive dermatology course provides aspiring and experienced cosmetologists with a thorough understanding of the skin and its functioning. From the anatomy of the skin to different skin types and conditions, participants learn everything they need to know about the skin to advise and treat their clients optimally. A profound understanding of the skin is crucial not only for success in the cosmetics industry but also for the health and well-being of clients. Through in-depth training in dermatology, cosmetologists are able to recognize skin problems, provide individualized skincare recommendations, and identify potential contraindications. This enables them to offer clients a personalized and safe treatment that improves their skin health and achieves long-term results. Additionally, the course provides insights into the pathophysiology of skin diseases, allowing participants to diagnose and understand skin conditions. This specialized knowledge is invaluable for supporting clients with skin problems by recommending suitable products and treatments, helping them achieve healthy and radiant skin. This course not only offers comprehensive training in dermatology but also provides the tools and knowledge to offer clients professional and safe skincare that improves their skin health and well-being.

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