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Algae Peeling Premium Course (EN)

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In the Algae Peeling Premium Course, you will learn everything you need to know about this innovative treatment method. From the basic concepts to advanced applications. You will understand how the algae peeling works, what ingredients it contains, and how it affects the skin. Additionally, you will learn how to perform the treatment safely and effectively to achieve the best results for your clients. As a participant in our course, you will receive 12 months of access to our learning platform, where you will find all the necessary materials and resources. Furthermore, we organize regular online meetings where we address open questions and share practical tips from application. You will have the opportunity to interact directly with our experts and benefit from their experience. BENEFITS ✔︎ Expertise: Learn from our recognized experts. ✔︎ Practical Training: Intensive practical support complements the theoretical education. ✔︎ Personal Development: We foster not only your skills but also your personal and professional growth. IN-PERSON TRAINING Our courses combine first-class practice with solid theory. During the practical in-person day, you have the unique opportunity to work under the guidance of our trainer Laura Müller. At the same time, our extensive online training allows you to deepen your knowledge conveniently from anywhere. STARTER KIT Each course includes a starter kit that contains everything you need to get started. STARTER KIT CONTENT - 5x 5-pack algae peeling with solution - 2x cleanser - 2x AHA toner - 2x hyaluronic serum - 2x face cream - 3x face cream rich - 1x The BEAUTYCUBE - 1x The FACEZINATOR - 1x The ICEBOMBS

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